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4 Inch Zman HerculeZ Soft Swimbait Fishing Lure - Sexy Mullet

4 Inch Zman HerculeZ Soft Swimbait Fishing Lure - Sexy Mullet

Z-Man MTLT45-04 Mulletron, LT 4.5 Mossback : Sports

Z-Man HerculeZ Swimbait - 4in - Gold Rush


The Z-Man Mulletron LT Swimbait is built with extraordinary realism and attention to detail. Each profile showcases intricate hand-painted and photo-printed color schemes, delivering an ultra-realistic appearance. Crafted from the durable 10X Tough ElaZtech material, this lure can withstand relentless strikes from aggressive saltwater gamefish. Equipped with a reinforced top line-through harness, which ensures that the bait glides effortlessly up the line after the hookset.

Z-Man Mulletron, LT 6 Bayou Tiger

Z-Man HerculeZ Swimbait - Snook Snacks


ZMan HerculeZ Swimbait - An Introduction

The Z-Man HerculeZ is ideal for big fish applications in salt and freshwater. Featuring a curved paddetail this swimbait has a natural appearance and swim action. The Herculez 10X Tough ElaZtech composition means you'll fish this exceptional pre-rigged swimbait for miles and dozens of big bites, long before you wave the white flag. Heavy duty 5/0 or 7/0 Mustad UltraPoint hooks in 4 or 5 bait sizes. The HerculeZ Jighead also includes a ventral eyelet for adding a second belly hook.

Z-Man HerculeZ Swimbait - 4in - Mulletron

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Z-MAN ElaZtech 10XTough HerculeZ Swimbait 5 CHOOSE YOUR COLOR!

Zman Herculez Swimbait Lure


Z-Man HerculeZ Swimbait - Snook Snacks

Z-Man HerculeZ 6 Swimbait Opening Night